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About the Goths
We've all heard guilds advertised as "family" type guilds, only to be disappointed by the actual implementation - either they're too small with little potential toward the "end game" or they're just another nameless, faceless mob.

The Goths have found a way to combine the best of both worlds, starting with a recruitment philosophy that builds on existing friendships outside of the game but not so restrictive that it stymies growth. Our claim to fame is that every Goth knows at least one other member in real life. You don't have to know a Goth in real life to join, but we recruit groups of real life friends or couples to preserve this crucial and defining characteristic.

What was once just an experiment has resulted in a long lasting, cohesive group that has persisted over a number of years and games. Our membership consists of groups of friends all over the world, and continues to grow steadily. If you and a friend or loved one are looking to enjoy everything a game has to offer without losing the spirit that brought you to the game in the first place, you may have finally found what you're looking for.
Shyalas / Sep 14, 2013
Hey folks,

Shy here; I've gone ahead and created a new site for us given that we didn't have access to edit the old one. Please sign up and poke around, and get with me in game if you see any features you'd like to see implemented.